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Sunwook Kim wrote:

> Actually, Zambot 3 -> Daitarn 3 -> Gundam, according to several sources.
> I'd really like to watch these TOMINO ROBOT TRILOGY by myself someday.
> (I've already finished the original Movies & Zeta & CCA long ago, but the
> latter two were not my cup of tea, it seems... Now I'm waiting for the
> day when I finally get my hand on the original TV series and ZZ. :)

I stand corrected. You're right. How could I forget Daitarn 3... The
original TV series are well worth it even if you've seen the movies. The
movie captures the gist of the story, but the series have a lot more details
that are skipped over. Everyone on the Japanese Gundam newsgroup seemed to
agree on this point, so it's not just me that feel this way. If an official
subbed version ever becomes available, I would definitely buy it and force my
kids to watch it!!! As for ZZ, I only saw the first few eps. and stopped
because it was so different from Z which I really liked. At this point, I'm
sort of curious to see it, though. The one I would really like to see in
entirety right now is V Gundam. I saw about 14 eps. from later in the
series, and once I got over the poor quality animation, the story was quite

>Anyway, sorry if I did harm to your pride as a GW fan, really.

No problem! I'll be the first to admit that as a story, GW really leaves
something to be desired. Talk about "willing suspension of disbelief"...
And although I'm not really into mecha and usually have no opinions on them,
the Endless Waltz version of Wing Zero left me stunned... (Why didn't they
just put a few roses in the background while they were at it, Shoujo manga
style? What the heck was that supposed to be?) The main thing going in this
series is the drool factor of the 5 boys for female fans...

Emi A

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