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Emi A. wrote:

>Hello! Just joined the list.

Welcome aboard! I hope you have a good time on this list.

>I was a Gundam fanatic (during the first broadcast!) until end of Zeta,

Wow, the witness of so-called 'good old days', aren't you? I was hooked
on Gundam mainly through the secondary media other than the actual film
(i.e. books, model kits, CDs, etc.), so I have some kind of respect for
the ones who really EXPERIENCED those days, in real-time. :-)

>Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't this idea of fighting over a lost
>technology used by Tomino himself in Ideon?

Yeah. But I was talking about 'human-vs-human over the lost tech', not
the 'human-vs-alien over the lost tech'. For Barf Kran, the antagonists
of Ideon, was an alien race, I simply didn't mention it.

>seem to remember God Mars having something to do with digging up
>ancient technology...

I don't know about that, but 'digging up ancient tech' sounds more like
PANZER WORLD GALIENT, another classic Sunrise robot show.

>Don't forget Zambot 3 (another Tomino work) about an alien race who
>immigrate to Earth during the Edo period after their home planet is
>destroyed, then 100 years later fight to save Earth from the same evil
>aliens who destroyed their planet.

You're right! It must be slipped my mind 'cause the Jin Families were
almost identical with the terran people in biological senses.

>I think it immediately preceded Gundam (again, my memory is foggy.
>This is more than 20 yrs. ago)

Actually, Zambot 3 -> Daitarn 3 -> Gundam, according to several sources.
I'd really like to watch these TOMINO ROBOT TRILOGY by myself someday.
(I've already finished the original Movies & Zeta & CCA long ago, but the
latter two were not my cup of tea, it seems... Now I'm waiting for the
day when I finally get my hand on the original TV series and ZZ. :)

>I remember it being very different from other kiddie robot shows in that
>it showed racial(species?) discrimination and a bunch of the family were
>killed off (in typical Tomino fashion of course! ^_^)

Yeah. I heard that the very work gave him the notorious nickname 'Minna-
Koroshi-Tomino (Kill-them-all-Tomino)'. Without Zambot, there would be
no Gundam either, undoubtedly.

> On Gundam Wing:
>>if you don't mind the annoying main characters
>Funny how they're the most popular with girls... difference in
>perception between male and female I guess :) (For myself, I'm
>female and I like them!)

Well... as using the term 'annoying' I just meant to describe the general
impression of most male fans around me (and on the list, maybe) about
those fablous five freedom fighters. ;-) I myself have somewhat mixed
feeling about them after I got to know much more about their past
background and character development by watching the whole animated
episodes (including EW) and reading the summary of EPISODE ZERO and BLIND
TARGET comic series. Actually, they were also the victim of the sad warfare
of A.C. universe after all... (They couldn't have the normal childhood, and
it made them such a weird but cool stage-actors-for-hire, I guess. :)
Anyway, sorry if I did harm to your pride as a GW fan, really.

>Sorry to dredge up such old shows... (-_-;)

Hey, no problem. (^_^;)

Lim Jyue wrote:

> Maybe the future of Gundam is in the AC universe. (shudder)

I doubt it... EW perfectly terminated the possibility for more battle
involving Heero & co. Maybe they could go on without the mobile suits
for the popularity of the characters themselves is very high. (like
GO-SHOGUN or GRANZOT) But if so, it would be nothing more than an
'endless epilogue'. And more than that, the character-only show wouldn't
do good for selling model kits... ;->

>>I hope you get the chance to see them and reconsider your impression
>>someday. :-)
> When a Tallgeese stands in the middle of a reactor explosion (of
>another MS which it just used its bare hands to rip into two) and walks out
>alive, I start to have some doubts. =)

Face it. They already threw the rule of mainstream Gundam out of the window
when the previous show called 'G-GUNDAM' was on air. Forget the reality
thing and please take a good look at the characters' drama and the quest
for the main theme regarding 'how humankind stop the endless cycle of
fighting each other?', then it might look differently... a bit.
(just my opinion)

Eddie wrote:

>>Well, don't forget the fact that Gundam was created by Japanese creators,
>>who don't have much experience with the non-humanoid extra terrestrial
>>characters, unlike U.S. creators.
>Surely you must have seen...

Well, stand corrected: make it 'the non-humanoid extra terrestrial
characters especially in Giant Robot anime'... :-) If you take 'the
all kinds of mystic creatures in entire Japanese pop culture' into
account, Japanese creators surely have MUCH experience with the
non-humanoid beings, alien or not. Thanks for pointing that out.

SJ wrote:

>> Excuse me, but the enemies appeared in CBG was not alien race, rather,
>> they were the humans that had lived in the Jovian Sphere
>I realize that. But one can consider the fact that these "humans" now
>breath water like a fish,

Huh? Where did you find it? The citizens of Jupitor Empire seem to be
just the same as the ordinary terran human. They DO breath air like us.

>and have no real connection to what being human really means.

I doubt it... Mr. Karasu (the one of the main antagonists) told Tobia
that they Jovians are now perfectly alien, and that the clash between
Jovian colonists and the rest of humankind is inevitable flood of the
history. But during the final battle, Tobia pulled out the conclusion
'We are still human after all...'.

>In CBG, we see an "alien" intelligence that is guiding humanity from an
>outsider point of view. Which, I found to be really cool.

"semi-alien" I suppose. But I think you made a point. :-)

-Sunwook 'running through the stars' Kim

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