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> SJ wrote:
> >Their already are aliens in Gundam. Tomino introduced them in his Mobile
> >Suit Crossbone Gundam manga series.
> Excuse me, but the enemies appeared in CBG was not alien race, rather, they
> were the humans that had lived in the Jovian Sphere for almost 60 years at
> that time... One of their mobile suit resembles the alien from ALIEN series
> though. :)

I realize that. But one can consider the fact that these "humans" now breath
water like a fish, and have no real connection to what being human really
means. As far as the Gundam "human vs human" main plot, CBG throws in the
alien element that was rightly missing from the rest of the Gundam saga. In
CBG, we see an "alien" intelligence that is guiding humanity from an outsider
point of view. Which, I found to be really cool.


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