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>Here's a short list of U.C. Gundam stories set following the events of
>Hathaway's Flash (Gundam Novel by Tomino, set UC 0103)
>Mobile Suit Gundam F91 (including F90 and Silhouette Formula; Set UC
>Mobile Suit V Gundam (Set UC 0150)
>Gaia Gear (Gundam Novel by Tomino, Set UC 0203)
>Mobile Suit Gundam G-Savior (set UC 0223)

Add, also, Crossbone Gundam (manga by Tomino, set in UC 0133).

>However, Hathaway's Flash and Gaia Gear, as novels, aren't exactly
>considered Canonical. Neither are the F91 Side Stories, F90 and
>Silhouette Formula.

Event from Hathway's Flash and Gaia Gear have been included in
officially-published timelines, most notably the V Gundam timelines
published in Newtype Magazine and its associated books.

The novels are apparently considered Canonical, but the manga are not.

Characters, events and mecha from games like Blue Destiny are also
apparently considered Canon. Well, they are, after all, a form of

>In addition, despite the difference in calendar, it seems that
>Turn A Gundam is a far future UC story line, at least according to what
>has been seen so far. Of course, Tomino could still dig up something
>from G, Wing, or X in this... :-)

All will be revealed in due course, I'm sure.


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