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At 23:17 030799 +0900, ZAMBONY wrote:
>>Somehow, a alien in Gundam just doesn't seem right. =)
>I agree. The point of all Gundams (including the alternate universe ones
>and Turn-A, and maybe, SD-Gundam :) is the 'human story' that doesn't
>involve the beings from outer space or other dimension. Super Robot Wars
>is somewhat different, but that's not the part of official Gundam saga.

        That's basically what I meant. The Gundam series is about humans and
their antics in space. While having aliens pop up in the series *may* make
it good, it would seem a wee bit.. well.. un-Gundamish. Sort of like what
pple said about Turn-A. =)

        As I was typing this I started to wonder whether Gundam actually has
a future in the UC world. I mean, UC Gundam seems to have peter out. Where
will UC Gundam go? Most of the people on this list are harking back to the
good old UC days i.e. the OYW period. Seems like when people talk about UC,
what they really mean is the 0079 to 0090 era (OYW to ZZ, about. =)

        Maybe the future of Gundam is in the AC universe. (shudder)

>Martian Successor Nadesico already did it. The story deals with the
>space war between the Earth Union and the mysterious enemies called
>'Jupitor Lizards', that was actually the descendants of the lunar
>rebellion forces marooned to the space after they lose the independence
>war against the earth. So, these two factions (or countries) of terran

        That's if you follow the anime. The manga is a whole different
story, and IMO the manga version is much better. Kia Asamiya has some wacko
ideas. =)

        He did Silent Moebius too, in case you're interested. =)

>>I mean, the alien invasion route gets old. Why not have a story with an
>>alien race that comes to save Earth and/or the human race?

        Let's flip that around. Humans invade aliens? Sort of like Heavy
Gear, though. =)

>Violetto the Storm Angel wrote:
>>Ultraman-type alien...
>That gave me an idea. how about the star-trek-fashioned spin-off show

        That also gave me an idea. In a sense, the SD Gundam are already our
Ultraman-type alien. =) Just a lot more kawaii... =)

>I hope you get the chance to see them and reconsider your impression
>someday. :-)

        When a Tallgeese stands in the middle of a reactor explosion (of
another MS which it just used its bare hands to rip into two) and walks out
alive, I start to have some doubts. =)

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