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Hello! Just joined the list. I was a Gundam fanatic (during the first
broadcast!) until end of Zeta, sort of lost interest for a while, and am back
again. I'm trying to catch up on all the goings-on inbetween...

Sunwook Kim wrote:

>Martian Successor Nadesico already did it. The story deals with the
>space war between the Earth Union and the mysterious enemies called
>'Jupitor Lizards', that was actually the descendants of the lunar
>rebellion forces marooned to the space after they lose the independence
>war against the earth. So, these two factions (or countries) of terran
>fights against each other to gain the full control of the 'lost technology'
>that was found on the planet Mars, that enable them to manifest some
>unbelievable things such as Boson Jump (a kind of time-space teleportation

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't this idea of fighting over a lost
technology used by Tomino himself in Ideon? (My memory is somewhat vague
because I haven't seen it since its first broadcast 18?years ago) I also
seem to remember God Mars having something to do with digging up ancient

Aaron wrote:
>>I mean, the alien invasion route gets old. Why not have a story with an
>>alien race that comes to save Earth and/or the human race?

Sunwook Kim replied:
>U.S. fans already have it, namely... SUPERMAN! He's from outer space
>after all. ;-> And as another twist, some Japanese creators did good
>job with the unusual aliens who come to test humanity's various evil
>nature and to punish them... like W3 (TV series & manga, Osamu Tezuka),
>or THE MARS (manga & unfinished OVA, Mitsuteru Yokoyama).

Don't forget Zambot 3 (another Tomino work) about an alien race who immigrate
to Earth during the Edo period after their home planet is destroyed, then 100
years later fight to save Earth from the same evil aliens who destroyed their
planet. I think it immediately preceded Gundam (again, my memory is foggy.
This is more than 20 yrs. ago) I remember it being very different from other
kiddie robot shows in that it showed racial(species?) discrimination and a
bunch of the family were killed off (in typical Tomino fashion of course! ^_^)

>Usso Ewin, the hero, is actually 13 years old, 4 years older than that
>boy wonder Anakin Skywalker in SW:TPM... :) And if you watch the show
>itself more carefully, it is somewhat serious war story that deals
>with the infants who have to face complex and harsh reality without
>any preparation. IMHO, while the original Gundam mirrored the WW2 history,
>Victory Gundam mirrors the situation of East-Europe Area after the fall
>of Soviet Union...

Very interesting thought - never thought of it that way. My parents (who are
Japanese) are the same age as Tomino and their viewpoint on life was deeply
affected by WW2. When I first saw First Gundam, I felt a lot of the points
that Tomino made reflected what my parents told me about life and about war.
Maybe by the time he made V, he was thinking about East-Europe. This is a
silly point but I've wondered if his use of "senior citizens" as prominent
characters in this series reflect his viewpoint on aging as he himself gets

 On Gundam Wing:
>if you don't mind the annoying main characters

Funny how they're the most popular with girls... difference in perception
between male and female I guess :) (For myself, I'm female and I like them!)

Sorry to dredge up such old shows... (-_-;)

Emi A.

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