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Alex wrote:

>Well, I see there's some people who wants the alien things on gundam series,
>so if it really happens, what alien should that be ?
>1. Alien from the movie Alien 1, 2, 3 and ressurection
>2. Independence day type of Alien
>3. Mars attacks type of alien
>4. E.T type of alien


Well, don't forget the fact that Gundam was created by Japanese creators,
who don't have much experience with the non-humanoid extra terrestrial
characters, unlike U.S. creators. Almost all the alien characters from
the Japanese pop cultures (anime, manga, tokusatsu, etc.) took the form
of classic-startrek-style humanoid, for example, the Gamilasians from
Space Battleship Yamato, the blue-skinned nazi-style long-tall buddies.

Lim Jyue wrote:

> Personally, Gundam has always been a show about Humanity's
>antics in near space, the furthest being Jupiter (?).

According to staff interviews, they 'intentionally' did it to overcome
the legendary Yamato hype, giving it more realistic feeling and
somewhat different touches... and it worked.

>Somehow, a alien in Gundam just doesn't seem right. =)

I agree. The point of all Gundams (including the alternate universe ones
and Turn-A, and maybe, SD-Gundam :) is the 'human story' that doesn't
involve the beings from outer space or other dimension. Super Robot Wars
is somewhat different, but that's not the part of official Gundam saga.

Aaron wrote:

>Better yet, forget aliens altogehter and have the characters,
>new or old or a mixture of both, discover technoloigy of an long
>forgotten alien race and then use thier technologiy to create new,
>more advance space craft and Mobile Suits. This, it wouldn't totally
>throw the Gundam universe out of wack, as much.

Martian Successor Nadesico already did it. The story deals with the
space war between the Earth Union and the mysterious enemies called
'Jupitor Lizards', that was actually the descendants of the lunar
rebellion forces marooned to the space after they lose the independence
war against the earth. So, these two factions (or countries) of terran
fights against each other to gain the full control of the 'lost technology'
that was found on the planet Mars, that enable them to manifest some
unbelievable things such as Boson Jump (a kind of time-space teleportation

>I mean, the alien invasion route gets old. Why not have a story with an
>alien race that comes to save Earth and/or the human race?

U.S. fans already have it, namely... SUPERMAN! He's from outer space
after all. ;-> And as another twist, some Japanese creators did good
job with the unusual aliens who come to test humanity's various evil
nature and to punish them... like W3 (TV series & manga, Osamu Tezuka),
or THE MARS (manga & unfinished OVA, Mitsuteru Yokoyama).

>If aliens exist, there's always going to be good and bad races of aliens,
>just like there's good and bad humans. in Star Trek? <wink>

>A group of humans and aliens fight another group of humans and aliens, then
>blur the lines between good and bad, like Gundam does and add good writing.
>I.E. the Feds. get alien allies and the Zeon get alien allies, but have a
>writer that can make aliens ungeneric and make aliens add to the story,
>instead of degrading the story into another alien invader stereotype.

Several scenario of Super Robot Wars already did it. Londo Bell(good guys)
formed alliances with the heroes from L-Gaim, aliens from Pentagona World.
And Devine Crusader & its several reincarnations formed alliances with the
mysterious original alien factions like 'guests' or 'inspectors'.

Eddie wrote:

>>6. Devil gundam ( it's an alien too )
>Huh? Where did you get that from? The Devil Gundam is a (polluted)
>creation by mankind, more specifically Domo's father.

Eddie's right. Devil Gundam was created by Neo-Japanese scientist
Raijou Kasshu(the father of Domon Kasshu), and there was no alien
involved in the whole series, character-wise or technology-wise.

Violetto the Storm Angel wrote:

>Ultraman-type alien...

That gave me an idea. how about the star-trek-fashioned spin-off show
that features the mobile suits as alien races? Of course the human
characters from the series form the UFP, and Feds-Vulcans, Zeons-
Klingons, Crossbone Vanguards-Romulans, Zanscares-Ferengis, OZ suits-
Cardassians, so on... and the heroes could be the fearless crew of
U.S.S Ahgama(sorry for White Base fans. :) under the command of famous
captain James T... er, Bright Noah! and their final nemesis might be...
Borg Gundam! (Devil Gundam plus Borg Collective. Did you know that
Mr. Imagawa, director of G-Gundam is a big time trekker? :-)

Or, how about the funny fusion of GUNDAM vs. ULTRAMAN... if Tsuburaya
Productions agreed... or rather, the Gundam-as-the-giant-alien type
show that was inspired by PATLABOR's most hillarious 'INGRAMAN from
the outer space' episode... <g>

Hoi wrote:

>example is the TV series of Tekkaman Blade. The elements which makes the
>story worth watching is the fact that Tekkaman Blade has to fight against
>his only brothers in order to protect the earth. We feel bitter for him
>deeply. By now, I think everyone should realize the worth watching part of
>the stories are all human stories. In other words, what makes a story worth
>watching is how much you can relate yourself to the story. Therefore, you
>can have an excellent "human" story with alien running around either as
>allies or enemy.

I agree. So the OVA series Tekkaman Blade II was a bit disappointing as
the Third Radam Invasion introduced the battle of Human Tekkamen vs.
Alien Tekkaman. There was no room for excellent human drama like the TV
series. Although the second segment of the series focused on the conflict
between Tekkamen and normal humans, the plot and character was not enough
to explore the theme. Dead End was interesting self-destructing dangerous
beautiful boy, but that's all. He's no match for the charismatic rivals
from the TV series(like Evil or Omega), I think.

>Yet, Gundam does not fit for this kind of excitement.


>Because Gundam is building under such a realistic setting, it
>is very hard to believe aliens or whatever creatures will just
>pop up from nowhere.

Right. The original Gundam started the trend of human-vs-human military
sci-fi stories in anime, (we have another similar masterpiece called
SPACE WARRIOR BALDIOS, however, it used somewhat tricky plot twists
just like THE PLANET OF APES, so I don't consider it as the real
human-vs-human war story...) and its successors continued the trend for
years, so I don't think the series has enough room for the alien

>For V Gundam, it just kind of unrealistic to have a less-than-ten year
>old boy driving a Gundam to fight a war.

Usso Ewin, the hero, is actually 13 years old, 4 years older than that
boy wonder Anakin Skywalker in SW:TPM... :) And if you watch the show
itself more carefully, it is somewhat serious war story that deals
with the infants who have to face complex and harsh reality without
any preparation. IMHO, while the original Gundam mirrored the WW2 history,
Victory Gundam mirrors the situation of East-Europe Area after the fall
of Soviet Union...

>the G Gundam just crashes original attraction about Gundam. The idea
>of having multiple Gundam fighting against each other is unbelievably
>similar to DragonBall style, which is not realistic at all.

It was the result of Bandai's "operation-back-to-kiddies" after all.
The animation itself was not bad and I quite enjoyed it. I can't say
that you should recognize it as a real Gundam though. :->

>The only answer I can have is the company is trying to sell their toys
>by using the name "Gundam."

Correct. Although there is a bit complicated background story behind the
drastic change of style, your answer is enough to cover it in a sentence.

>Furthermore, when W Gundam comes along, I must say the appearance of
>the five Gundams and characters confused me with the setting of Soiler

In fact, it is not much like the Sailor Moon, for the five heroes always
go on their own way separately, indepentently, indifferent to other four.
And its storyline is a bit much like that of mainstream Gundam series
rather than the 'sentai' type shows, if you don't mind the annoying main
characters. For more information, go to

and take a look at the GW sections.

>Although, given the fact that I have not seen the series yet, my
>impression might be off a lot from the reality.

I hope you get the chance to see them and reconsider your impression
someday. :-)

>In fact, I think the design of the those Gundams is excellent, but
>lets not use the name "Mobile Suit Gundam" to describe them.

Remember, actually Tekkaman Blade is the remake of original old-fashioned
Space Knight Tekkaman of 70's, too. I met an original SKT fan several
months ago, and he said to me, "They shouldn't use the name of TEKKAMAN
for that crap. I really don't like it."

But still I love Tekkaman Blade. There is nothing wrong of it, eh? :)

>If the only reason of establishing Gundam is to sell toys, there is
>no reason that alien should not appears. However, by then, I am really
>not sure whether or not I will still consider them as "Gundam" anymore.

For that matter, I agree. (see above)

SJ wrote:

>Their already are aliens in Gundam. Tomino introduced them in his Mobile
>Suit Crossbone Gundam manga series.

Excuse me, but the enemies appeared in CBG was not alien race, rather, they
were the humans that had lived in the Jovian Sphere for almost 60 years at
that time... One of their mobile suit resembles the alien from ALIEN series
though. :)

-Sunwook 'ID4? Big Deal!' Kim

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