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> NT-1Alex=I thing it was the Feds.
> ZZ=AE(the side story Sentinel and MK-V were also AE)
> Nu Gundam(&Sazabi)=AE(a considerable plotpoint in Counterattack)
> I can't say beyond Counterattack.
> t >>
> There are stories in theUC/One Year War story arc after Char's Counter
> Attack?
> Like Victory Gundam?
> I didn't think it was part of the UC univervse. I thought it was out there in
> the orbit with G, Wing, X, etc?
> Chris Perry

Here's a short list of U.C. Gundam stories set following the events of

Hathaway's Flash (Gundam Novel by Tomino, set UC 0103)
Mobile Suit Gundam F91 (including F90 and Silhouette Formula; Set UC
Mobile Suit V Gundam (Set UC 0150)
Gaia Gear (Gundam Novel by Tomino, Set UC 0203)
Mobile Suit Gundam G-Savior (set UC 0223)

However, Hathaway's Flash and Gaia Gear, as novels, aren't exactly
considered Canonical. Neither are the F91 Side Stories, F90 and
Silhouette Formula.

In addition, despite the difference in calendar, it seems that
Turn A Gundam is a far future UC story line, at least according to what
has been seen so far. Of course, Tomino could still dig up something
from G, Wing, or X in this... :-)

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