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 - MS-06C Nuclear Zaku
 - the rest of the MS-06R variants (all customized for dif. pilots)
 - MS-06D (MSV and ZZ versions)
 - MS-06M (MSV and ZZ versions)
 - MS-06Z Psychommu Zaku
 - MSN-01 High Mobility Psychommu Zaku
 - MS-06K Zaku Cannon
 - MS-06E and E3 Zaku Recon/Flipper
 - MS-06F Zaku Miner (yeap, just add a backpack and you get a new kit!)
 - MS-06V Zaku Tank
 - MS-06FZ 0080 Zaku
 - 08th MS Team Zaku I's & II's
 - 0083 Zakus
which would all be great. But the real complaint is the endless paint job
variants of what really is only 3 different models


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