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>This is a message I just read on RAAM that you should be aware of.
>>From Fri Jul 02 01:25:14 1999
>Newsgroups: rec.arts.anime.models
>Subject: Yahoo just seized all license rights to your content on
>Geocities. From: Chuck Stewart <>
>Date: Fri, 02 Jul 1999 00:25:14 -0500
>I notice that some RAA Models posters have Geocities sites...
>Are you aware that when you logged in on July 1 and had to sign
>off on the new Yahoo-Geocities User Agreement...
>...that buried 8 paragraphs in was a little clause that gives them the
>license rights to EVERYTHING on your web site?
>Irrecovably and in perpetuity.

I've already seen this topic linger too long on another mailing list as
everyone compared notes. To save time, I'd like to point out that there has
been a significant backlash movement against Yahoo/Geocities, one with it's
own webpage:


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