Fokker (
Fri, 2 Jul 1999 15:01:02 -0700

> anyone got any gundam fansubs, I have been looking for anything but wing
> found gundam x and 08th ms team, but they woun't ship to us, help me!
    I've got MS08 v.1, all of 0080, all of 0083, Zeta 1-8, Char's
Counterattack, and F-91. In a couple of weeks I'll also have all of
Gundam W plus the OAVs, and Gundam X 1-20, and Gundam G 1-4.
I won't trade out out anything that's been commercially released, though.
I still need the rest of Gundam X, and I'd really like to get all of Gundam
(Oh yeah, the rest of MS the 08th would be nice).


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