Fri, 2 Jul 1999 16:56:06 EDT

> << I'm glad we're getting a NT-1! My general reaction to MG kits lately
> has been, "What? ANOTHER Zaku??"
> Mark Kai

        I say Bandai must stop milking $ from modelers by coming out with all
the Zion MS Variations...soon or later they're probably gonna come out with
Ranba Ral Zaku I, and Johnny Ridden Gelgoog...etc.(I already own The regular
Zaku II, Char's Zaku IIS, and Shin Matsunaga MS06R1...) What I want is some
damn GM variations, namely GM-Sniper II!!!! and I hope there will be a
Rick-Dom II/Dom-Tropen(this seems more likely though....)

        At Least NT-1 will be out so that'll satisfy me for a while....until
a Kampfer MG or Type 100 and ZZ....Anyone got word on if the GP-03S will be
out anytime soon?

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