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>> As I have only seen 0083 and 08MST in the UC timeline, I was
>> wondering which are the factions/companies that produced the gundams
>> throughout the timeline? This is what I know so far -
>> RX-78-2 - Feds
>> RX-78(G) - Feds (not to sure about this and Ez-8)
>> Ez-8 - Feds
>> GP series - AE
>> mkII - Titans
>> Psycho Gundam - Titans
>> Zeta - AE
>> What about the rest?

Right, i'm not sure how much of this is correct, but here goes...

Most mobile suit model numbers consist of a two or three letter prefix,
followed by a number. The number almost always indicates the order in which
the mobile suit was developed, with the first mobile suit in a series being
01, the second 02, and so forth. After the number, you'll often see
additional letters, which indicate variations and customisations. The meaning
of these tacked-on letters varies from case to case. Often, they just
indicate a series of minor improvements; the Zaku II went through the MS-06A,
MS-06B and MS-06C versions before the development of the ubiquitous MS-06F.
While the letters sometimes convey useful information - "D" for desert, "K"
for cannon, "M" for marine and so forth - they're often used inconsistently.

Federal Forces
2-3 letter prefix followed by 2 digit UC year in which development began

RB = Mobile pod
RGC = Mass-produced Guncannon
RGM = Mass-produced Gundam
RGZ = Mass-produced Zeta Gundam
RMS = Mobile suit
RMV = Mass-produced Guntank
RX = Experimental mobile suit
FA = Full Armour version
PF = Perfect version
FF = Fighter

In Zeta Gundam, first two digits of the number following an RX, RGM or RMS
prefix indicate where the mobile suit was produced. The third digit indicates
the order of development.

10* = Granada
11* = Luna Two
12* = Solomon (Compei Island)
13* = A Bao Qu (Gate of Zedan)
14* = Pezun
15* = New Guinea base
16* = Kilimanjaro base
17* = Gryps colonies (Side 7)
18* = Jaburo base
19* = Jaburo base

Zeta Gundam also introduced speciality prefixes, which are used by specific
manufacturers, followed by a 2 digit number indicating order of development.

MRX = Murasame newtype labs
NRX = Unidentified newtype labs
ORX = Augusta newtype labs
PMX = Paptimus Sirocco

Anaheim Electronics
3 letter prefix followed by 2 digit number indicating order of development.

MSA = Anaheim design
MSF = Kazumi Fujita design
MSK = Kalaba design
MSN = Mamoru Nagano design
MSZ = Project Zeta design
FXA = Auxiliary vehicle

Zeon Duchy
3 letter prefix followed by 2 digit number indicating order of development,
then 'Y' if prototype model.

MS = Mobile suit
MSM = Amphibious mobile suit
MSN = Newtype mobile suit
MA = Mobile armour
MAM = Amphibious mobile armour
MAN = Newtype mobile armour

Axis Forces (aka Neo Zeon)
3 letter prefix followed by '0' or '1' indicating separate production teams,
then 2 digit development order number.

AMX = Standard mobile suit
NZ = Specialised Mobile suit
AMA = Mobile armour

Crossbone Vanguard
3 letter prefix followed by number indicating order of development.

XM = Mobile suit
XMA = Mobile armours

SNRI (Strategic Naval Research Institute)
Letter/number prefix then development order number.

F7** = Long-range support type MS
F8** = General-purpose type MS
F9** = Advanced fighter type MS

League Militaire
For mobile suits:
'LM' then single digit indicating no. of parts the MS separates into, single
digit indicating no. generators, single digit indicating no. main thrusters,
then model line (letter & number) and 2 digit development order number.

For support devices:
'SD' then Gundam type initial (V = Victory Gundam), initial of support type
(B = booster), 2 digit development order number then initial of device type
(e.g. A = attack).

Zanscar Empire
'ZM' followed by 'T' if test model, then:

S = Mobile suit
A = Mobile armour
D = Dual type (capable of transforming from mobile suit to mobile armour).

This is followed by development order number, then:

S = Space type
G = Ground type (inc. atmospheric flight)
M = Marine
Jupiter Empire
'EMS' then development order number.


G Gundam
'GF' ('Gundam Fighter'), followed by the number of the Gundam Fight competing
in. Then a 3 digit number indicating how the country placed last fight, and
finally a two or three letter abbreviation of the nation's name.

Gundam Wing
OZ Foundation
'OZ' followed by development number, then:

MS = Mobile suits
AMS = Flight capable mobile suits
MMS = Marine type mobile suits
SMS = Space type mobile suits
MD = Mobile dolls (unmanned)

This is followed by '2' if mobile suit is a custom/upgrade variant (or '2B'
if 3rd variant).
Colony Alliance
'XXXG-01' (there was only one of each Gundam), then 1 or 2 letters indicating
Gundam name, followed by '2' if it is a custom/upgrade variant.

White Fang
'WMS' followed by development order number.

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