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> As I have only seen 0083 and 08MST in the UC
> timeline, I was wondering which are the factions/
> companies that produced the gundams throughout the
> timeline? This is what I know so far
> RX-78-2 - Feds
> RX-79(G) - Feds (not to sure about this and Ez-8)
> Ez-8 - Feds
> GP series - AE
> mkII - Titans
> Psycho Gundam - Titans
> Zeta - AE
> What about the rest?

The RX79(G) Ground Combat Gundam and EX79(G)Ez8
"Gundam Ez8" are both Federal Forces' products, so is
RX-78NT-1 "Gundam G-4 Alex" in Gundam 0080. As in the
Z Gundam era, don't forget that Char's Type 100 is
actually a Gundam only with a different look &
performance-wise a cut below Zeta. in ZZ Gundam, AE
continues to supply AEUG w/ MSZ-010 "Double Zeta
Gundam" as well as other Gundam variants from non-TV
series (MSA-0011 Sentinel Gundam, for example).
Onwards to the Char's Counterattack, AE helped both
the Feds & Neo-Zeon to develop their MS so the "which
MS is the real Gundam?" question here is no longer
clear cut and important.

On to UC 0123, the Gundam F91 here, as several GMLers
rightfully pointed out, bears no relationship to
previous Gundams whatsoever. This new MS, designed by
Strategic Naval Research Institute (SRNI), is being
called a Gundam only because its face resembles those
of RX series & for nostalgia. The V Gundams developed
by League Militaire also do not relate to RX series,
but its facial features were copied onto their new MS
to inspire morales of the LM's resistance against the
invading Zanscare Empire.

Of course the time between CCA & F91, we have both the
AE and then SRNI to produce Gundams for the Feds, &
for the first time, the size of Gundam getting smaller
but no less deadlier.

Colin Liu.
"You shall withness the tears of an era."
Shuichi Ikeda (Char Aznable's voice actor),
Mobile Suit Z Gundam
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