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Fri, 2 Jul 1999 03:31:35 -0700

>Ok, I may have done some mistakes on my previous msg, please feel free to
>correct it, like if you are getting annoyed at fact that I meantioned -
>(that Earth is like 1900's N America, begining to industrialize) and you
>think it begun sometime before, I agree with you. Also if you think that
>H.G. Wells interpretation of Martian War Machine looks FAR different from
>Moon Race's MS's, please feel free to correct, since I'm no expert in
>literature. Also from now on, if you are offended, annoyed, and or ticked
>off (sorry for that rude remark) at any of my msg's and comments, please
>feel free to send healthy criticizing msg which will enlighten me, for
>learning something new, and you, for knowing when to intervene and tell
>someone that it's wrong. Thank you for your time and have a nice ML-ing!

I think the usual posters have all talked themselves out on Turn-A. There
was a lot a talk- (mostly negative) when the first pics of Turn-A showed
up. Also, most people haven't seen turn-A yet, so there is not much to say.
At least that's my case. I was put off at first by the Syd Mead mech
design, but now they've grown on me. I even put up the turn-A poster that
came with the july newtype magazine. I eagerly await a chance to see
Turn-A, but until then, I've kept my mouth shut.

even so, I'll through some comments out. The earth society resembles mostly
early 1920's europe. At least that's where I'd put the airplane, automobile
and zepplin technology. Apparently, the people practice a pagan religion.
(an alternate europe where christianity never took off, intriguing.) So, I
like the earth setting, the costumes, planes, etc. However the idea of
digging up complete working mobile suits seems farfetched. The earth milita
could have stolen, bought, traded, or otherwise gotten MS from the moon
race some other way. I like the idea of having MS of very different sizes,
and I don't think they look like martian war machines. They fit in well
with the crazier gundam MS such as the Bound Doc.


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