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>Mark Nguyen <mnguyen@hotmail.com> wrote on Friday July 2, 1999 at
>>Well, at the end of 0083 alll records of the three Gundams were
>>erased as part of the coverup. Remember, the Feds deliberately
>>wanted to cover up as much of they could about the whole incident,
>>specifically their tremendously bad decisions about it. Most
>>notably, the violation of the Antarctic treaty, and how it led to
>>the destruction of most of their own fleet!
>Hmm ... I seem to have forgotten about that part. Maybe it's time to
>watch 0083 again.
>-Z- <Z@Gundam.Com> wrote on Friday July 2, 1999 at 12:40am:
>>They didn't overlook it, they made it didn't happen. That's what the
>>business about all records of the Gundam Development Project being
>>erased on 10 March 0083 is all about. AE had to develop the Z from
>>the Mk.II because they didn't have any records of the GP series.
>What about the engineers and designers of the GP series like Nina?
>The Feds couldn't have eliminated all the personnel involved with the
>GP series. I don't think that AE would allow some of their best MS
>designers to *disappear*.

I think Nina quit AE at the end of 0083. (though I can't prove it, at least
she wasn't wearing her AE uniform). And of course Lucette is dead. So there
goes the chief designers of the GP series.


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