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>>They didn't overlook it, they made it didn't happen. That's what the
>>business about all records of the Gundam Development Project being
>>erased on 10 March 0083 is all about. AE had to develop the Z from
>>the Mk.II because they didn't have any records of the GP series.
>What about the engineers and designers of the GP series like Nina?
>The Feds couldn't have eliminated all the personnel involved with the
>GP series. I don't think that AE would allow some of their best MS
>designers to *disappear*.

Unless they're a teenager inheriting ideas from thier father, it's unlikely
one person or a mere handful of people could re-invent a Gundam from the
ground up. The (only)slightly more fanciful Gundam W is, of course, the
exception that proves the rule.

>As I have only seen 0083 and 08MST in the UC timeline, I was
>wondering which are the factions/companies that produced the gundams
>throughout the timeline? This is what I know so far -
>RX-78-2 - Feds
>RX-78(G) - Feds (not to sure about this and Ez-8)
>Ez-8 - Feds
>GP series - AE
>mkII - Titans
>Psycho Gundam - Titans
>Zeta - AE
>What about the rest?

NT-1Alex=I thing it was the Feds.
ZZ=AE(the side story Sentinel and MK-V were also AE)
Nu Gundam(&Sazabi)=AE(a considerable plotpoint in Counterattack)

I can't say beyond Counterattack.


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