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Thu, 01 Jul 1999 16:54:42 -0700 wrote:
> In a message dated 30/06/99 21:59:54 GMT Daylight Time,
> writes:
> > I've never heard of G Online before. As for Gundam MUSH, we are still
> > coding it, so we are still set for Admin only Logon right now.
> I think by G Online, Jae meant Gundam Online :)
> Chris, I wouldn't want to do anything in competition with you - so if a MUD
> coder can help at all, let me know :) Like I said, I have zippo experience
> with MUSHes though.
> I might do a Gundam Imperium Online :)
> ::reactivates Lurk mode::
> Shane.
> Gundam Imperium:

I welcome anyone if they are willing to learn MUSH code. Since MUSH
evolved from earlier flavors of MUD, it shouldn't be too hard, although
there are a lot of differences. We only have one experienced coder, and
he's somewhat burnt out.

As for Gundam Imperium, Let's see how the DB space looks after we get
Gundam MUSH up and running for a while. I like Imperium, and certainly
would be open to setting aside some DB space to a G-Imperium area...

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