Fri, 2 Jul 1999 01:54:30 EDT

A good idea for a story involving aliens, in Gundam, would/could be something
like this:

A group of humans and aliens fight another group of humans and aliens, then
blur the lines between good and bad, like Gundam does and add good writing.
I.E. the Feds. get alien allies and the Zeon get alien allies, but have a
writer that can make aliens ungeneric and make aliens add to the story,
instead of degrading the story into another alien invader stereotype. But,
Gundam is about the people, more then anything else. Aliens would either
destroy what Gundam is about or make it better and more interesting. Since
Gundam takes place far in the future, there is a possibility that human space
explorers could find traces of aliens or a more advanced civilization of
humans, just because someone find's super advanced technology, doesn't 100%
mean that its alien origin.


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