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This is a mini-review of the August 1999 #8 issue of Hobby Japan...before I
begin I must say this is a great issue and everyone should get a copy. :>

The mian feature this issue is "How to build Garage Kit"..lots of pages
detailing how to finish resin models.

Next up is a review of the new MG Dom. It looks massive, but yet is very
sparse with the external details. I'm not sure if the original kit has this
feature or its merely Max Watanabes modifications, but is seems like the
monoeye and beam scatter cannon are lighted with a small LED. Each finger is
individually articulated, and there are details on the inner skirt and inner
leg armor. It comes with 2 kinds of bazookas, a MMP rifle, panzerfausts - 1
on stick and 1 with fins, a heat saber with a nice handle, and 2 3pc
magazines which go on the front skirt, I think.

Following this is the MS-05B Zaku I Black Trinary type. Differences from the
other Zakus are the upper arm joints, a backpack with cooling vents, and the
way the upper legs are attached to the hip. Next we come to a MS-14BS
Gelgoog Black Trinary type..nothing special here.

The next article is very unique. Its the MS-06R-1As Guyya, Mush and Ortiga
types. They're very very odd looking...One of them has a huge rifle taller
than itseld with a head mounted sight as well. The other has 2 panzerfausts
as well as 2 of those leg rocket packs _all_ mounted on the shoulder L
armor. It's also carrying....2 modified bazookas...each one is made of 2
bazookas held together in the a total of 4 bazkookas.
Finally, the last one has a movable visor sort of like the GM Sniper, andhe
carrys a large axe sort of like the Deathscythe. Another of his weapons are
the spiked shoulders. Apparently they can be removed and used like boxing

Now we're shown the RX-77-3 Guncannon Heavy Weapon Type and RX-77-4
Guncannon II..nothing special here...we also have the 1/144 mobile flat, as
well as the upcoming 'FG' 300Y Gundam. It comes on 3 sprues and looks well
detailed, although there're no polycaps included. Seems like they're all
plastic on plastic joints. Proportions are good though.

I dont know what the next article is about, but they're showing the Mk II
Gundams, one with a figure of Emma Sheen, the other with someone else. And
on the same page is the RX78-1 Gundam, Z Gundam and ZZ Gundam. They're
indicated as part of the MM series, whatever that is, and are in excess or
20,000Y each.

There's a Gundam MK II conversion here too...the RX-178-06 Blade Gunner.
Remember the CADS-1 Lancer type cyclone from mospeada? Well, the Gundam Mk
II is now using its shield on its 2 forearms and has a blade on each.

For SD Fans, the GP01 will be released soon, as well as the GP02, with
folding shoulder fins, and a fully transformable Z Gundam! To be released
around August.

GEX features the next confirmed Master Grade model - the RX-78NT1 Alex..this
is probably old news to many of you. We also have some line art of the Rick
Dom here...only change is a set of fuel tanks and different feet. Perhaps
they're considering releasing it as a Dom variant already. Some fans have
also submitted art for the Gog..with a unique leg articulation that allows
it to sit.

Oh, for all Star Wars fans. the Trade Federation battle tank will be
released by AMT ERTL at Y3900...rather pricey.

Next in line is the FSS Jagd Mirage Twin Towers, going for typo
there. Its almost as tall as an average person. Theres also an article
called "One Man Rescue - Cybertroopers Virtual-On pisode 2"..with credits
for 3DCG...could an animated work be planned?

If you're interested in any more I'll put up a more complete synopsis on my
page in a few days. Check it out at

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