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>This is a mini-review of the August 1999 #8 issue of Hobby Japan...before I
>begin I must say this is a great issue and everyone should get a copy. :>

So is the July issue, which is full of excellent conversions based on MG
and HGUC kits.

>Next up is a review of the new MG Dom. It looks massive, but yet is very
>sparse with the external details. I'm not sure if the original kit has this
>feature or its merely Max Watanabes modifications, but is seems like the
>monoeye and beam scatter cannon are lighted with a small LED.

Don't expect LEDs in 1/100 scale kits... unless it's a MA. :)

>Following this is the MS-05B Zaku I Black Trinary type. Differences from the
>other Zakus are the upper arm joints, a backpack with cooling vents, and the
>way the upper legs are attached to the hip. Next we come to a MS-14BS
>Gelgoog Black Trinary type..nothing special here.

Hmm, that sounds bogus. The Black Trinary got wiped out on earth when the
ground version of Dom first rolled out. How could they go on to pilot the

>we also have the 1/144 mobile flat, as
>well as the upcoming 'FG' 300Y Gundam. It comes on 3 sprues and looks well
>detailed, although there're no polycaps included. Seems like they're all
>plastic on plastic joints. Proportions are good though.

The more I looked at the Flat, the less I can see how people like it. The
Flat, along with lots of new MS from Turn-A, make little mechanical sense
for the purpose of combat mobile suits. Their thin, tiny limbs and joints
make them weak in balancing and close range combat, not to mention the
ability to withstand the abuse of combat. The the Flat's neck for example,
it looks weak enough the Turn A can probably just snap its fingers and
decapitate it. Also its feet (similar with the feet of many other MS from
Turn A) has very little surface touching the ground (a la Zaku, Dom, or
Gelgoog). Instead you got these very Valkyrie-like feet, imagine one of
the two prongs being damaged, broken, or blown off, and this suit can forget
about walking or even standing on its feet.

>For SD Fans, the GP01 will be released soon, as well as the GP02, with
>folding shoulder fins, and a fully transformable Z Gundam! To be released
>around August.

Yeap, these appeared in the 1999 Bandai catalog, along with the SD G
Generation 0 kits. After the success of the SD MG GP-01Fb, Bandai seems
to be rolling out SD versions of all its MG kits. I love those!

>GEX features the next confirmed Master Grade model - the RX-78NT1 Alex..

Damn... you beat me to it! The general reaction in Japan seems to be
"What? ANOTHER Gundam?"


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