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Thu, 1 Jul 1999 19:49:55 -0400

It is my understanding that the generral story mood and setting for Turn A
somewhat resembles one of the H.G. Wells or Jules Verne's sci fis. Well, the
setting, the town people's clothing, machinery, all looks 1900's and Moon
Race's vehicles resemble that of Martian invader's walkers in War of the
World as H.G. Wells described it. That factors really intrigue me since
those subject matters (that Earth is like 1900's N America, begining to
industrialize) were one of my favorite part of history lesson. And Turn A's
story line, I think, is well written - Antagonism between long lost Lunar
colonists and Natives, Loran's struggle to keep the peace, and developing
plot that prevents viewers from predicting what might happen... And let's
not forget the Mobile Suits, I like the bizzare looking Moon Race's MS's.
Especially Woddom, with it's odd shapes and silvery and utilitarian nanoskin
(to fend off ground attacks - like land mines I think..) is something. Also,
I love the say Sid Mead designed the Turn A gundam, it has some....
unexplainable qualities I like. I give Turn A Gundam 5 star out of 5 star!
Well, that's my opinion. Please send some positive (or negative, former is
prefered ^_^ ) feedback on this thread!

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