Ranma Saotome (ranma1-2@sonic.net)
Thu, 1 Jul 99 16:20:49 -0800

>Interesting how you brought up Starship Trooper, because Tomino got his
>idea for the mobile suits from the original novel, where the infantry units
>were equipped with mechanical suits that allowed them to "fly".

Have you seen the pics for the new CG series? It looks great! It has the
characters from the movie (yes, even some of the dead ones) and has the
power suits and the the dropship suits too. It's supposed to be violent
as well. It's supposed to be written closer to the book than the movie
was, dealing more with the infantry side. I just hope the writing is as
good as the CG. If any one hasn't seen the pics, just ask and I'll send
them by email.

    - Ranma Saotome

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