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>> > Hello. I really want to be friends. Well please go to my
>> >homepage and see pictures of my family and stuff ok? Please go,
>> >its at
>> >
>> >Thank you. Remember to go!!
>>It's a nice personal intro page, but I have to admit this is one of the
>>most obscure messages I've seen in my short time on the GML.
>I decided not to say much about this whole thing, but it seems that
>it's getting a lot of negative (and some irrelevant) replies. C'mon
>people, give the girl a break. I could tell that she's new here, and
>maybe... maybe she's just real friendly, that's all. Personally, I
>don't see a reason to comment on her message or even accuse it of
>being a spam. I think that those who would be interested in her
>offer of friendship, should just e-mail her privately. I think that's
>how she meant it to be.
>Violetto the Storm Angel

I've responded directly to the message, although I haven't heard a reply
yet. I did find the message odd, simply because neither the message nor the
webpage had any Gundam or anime content. A lot of the negative reaction
seems focussed on the ad-banner and the counter on the page, but I normally
ignore advertising on pages anyway. Still, we haven't heard back from this
person since, so I'll reserve judgement on the matter either way.


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