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> >Another thing which I've noticed is that the design of a gundam is
> >not exclusive to just one company like AE. It seems like anybody can
> >produce a prototype MS with V fin, humanoid face, bean rifle, bean
> >sable, colour it red, blue, white and yellow, and slap the label
> >"Gundam" on it. Does copyrights exist in U.C.??? Or am I wrong?
> Nope. Later on, SNRI creates the Formula series of Gundams,
> and in Victory
> Gundam Anaheim as zilch to do with those Gundams. In the
> first century,
> Anaheim was basically all there *was*, aside from the various Zionic
> companies who wouldn't want to do one to save their lives.

Besides, what are you going to do to an enemy who steals the look and feel
of your museum piece in the middle of a war? Sue them? SNRI's F91 head was
done as an engineering in-joke. LM's Victory Gundam series was an
deliberate effort to evoke a powerful image in their cause. Sort of like
how USAF painted shark teeth on A-10 Warhog which evokes the images of
Flying Tigers from WWII Pacific Theater. The Shark teeth addes nothing to
the actual function of the plane, but it looks cool.

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