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Thu, 01 Jul 1999 09:42:44 PDT

>Seems kind of silly to me that AE had to use data from mkII to
>produce Zeta Gundam given that they had produced at least 3 gundams
>in 0083. Why no gundams for AEUG at the start of Z? I suppose that
>it's a continuity problem that the producers of 0083 overlooked.

Well, at the end of 0083 alll records of the three Gundams were erased as
part of the coverup. Remember, the Feds deliberately wanted to cover up as
much of they could about the whole incident, specifically their tremendously
bad decisions about it. Most notably, the violation of the Antarctic treaty,
and how it led to the destruction of most of their own fleet!

>Another thing which I've noticed is that the design of a gundam is
>not exclusive to just one company like AE. It seems like anybody can
>produce a prototype MS with V fin, humanoid face, bean rifle, bean
>sable, colour it red, blue, white and yellow, and slap the label
>"Gundam" on it. Does copyrights exist in U.C.??? Or am I wrong?

Nope. Later on, SNRI creates the Formula series of Gundams, and in Victory
Gundam Anaheim as zilch to do with those Gundams. In the first century,
Anaheim was basically all there *was*, aside from the various Zionic
companies who wouldn't want to do one to save their lives.


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