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> At 10:52 6/30/99 EDT, you wrote:
> >What about the Fire and Blazer Valkyries? Those are just VF-19's. Was
there a
> >VF-21 in Macross 7?
> AFAIK, the Fire and Blazer Valks are just customized VF-19s, and
> there were VF-21s in MAcross 7 (saw a model kit before, BTW. )

    Actually, there are some very noticable differences in the shoulders,
shield, head and gun between
 the Macross Plus YF-19 and the Macross 7 VF-19. The YF-21 in Macross Plus
became the VF-22 in
 Macross 7.

 For all sorts of line art and pictures of all these to see for yourself, go


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