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Nightingale <> wrote on Wednesday June
30, 1999 at 7:46am:
>Later they gathered the data from the stolen Gundam
>mkII prototypes from the Titans, and produced a series
>of bona-fine MS. Zeta Gundam is one, as well as Char's
>Type 100, Methuss, Nemo, etc etc.

Seems kind of silly to me that AE had to use data from mkII to
produce Zeta Gundam given that they had produced at least 3 gundams
in 0083. Why no gundams for AEUG at the start of Z? I suppose that
it's a continuity problem that the producers of 0083 overlooked.

Another thing which I've noticed is that the design of a gundam is
not exclusive to just one company like AE. It seems like anybody can
produce a prototype MS with V fin, humanoid face, bean rifle, bean
sable, colour it red, blue, white and yellow, and slap the label
"Gundam" on it. Does copyrights exist in U.C.??? Or am I wrong?

Jorge Lee.

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