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>I always found this "middle-man" nature of Aniheim Electronics, servicing,
>researching, and building MS for Jion, the Feds/Axis, and AUEG to be one of
>the most interesting plot points in the whole Gundam story arc.
>What exactly is the power-base of Aniheim that would prevent any of the
>involved parties from seizing the company as a necessary war asset? Any

It's Lunarian, based in Von Braun City, which was semi-autonomous even
before the One Year War. The Moon has always been a middle-man, having
been occupied by both powers during the War, with the Zeon in Granada and
the Federation in Von Braun, although more as a guest than an occupying force.

If you view the One Year War as an analogue of WW2, with Earth as the
European Theater and space as the Pacific Theater, Zeon is Japan, the space
colonies are the various major islands and the Moon appears to represent
the Philippines.

After the War, the Moon was granted nominal independence, with a Federation
military presence that was welcomed by the government but not the
population at large. Both sides exploited one another economically.

Annexing (nationalizing?) the Anaheim Electronics facilities would probably
have precipitated a revolt by the Lunarians, something the Federation was
not in a position to put down, what with all their other conflicts.

Besides AE and its mobile suit industry, the Moon is also the source of
Lunar titanium and a number of other valuable resources, which the
Federation needed as would be hard pressed to get if they had to come down
and mine it themselves.

Also, consider that it's easy to force people to dig ditches and build
bridges, but very difficult to force them to engineer a complex device like
a mobile suit. All they have to do is suddenly become less than brilliant,
while making sure that whatever they build has a tendency to breakdown for
no good reason in combat, but work fine in testing. You could take over
Los Alamos, but you'd be hard pressed to force the scientists there to
build A-bombs for you. If you knew enough to supervise them properly, then
you wouldn't need them in the first place. If you need them badly enough
to take them over, then you don't know nearly enough to ride herd on them.

You don't risk killing the goose as long as it keeps laying golden eggs.

Better to deal with them as the mercenaries they are and take what you can get.


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