Ranma Saotome (ranma1-2@sonic.net)
Wed, 30 Jun 99 18:39:49 -0800

>Mixx's Gundam Blue Destiny Vol 1 will be on sale later this month (31th),
>does anybody know how many pages it'll have, dimensions and format (normal
>or 2 manga pages spread on 1 magazine page, like the current MixxZine)?
>BTW, what dimensions had the original Blue Destiny japanese manga?

It'll be one page per page, and will be in pocket manga size. Like the
rest of them. I'm not sure how many pages, but it'll just be a reprint of
what they have already published. If you have all the issues, then it
really isn't needed. If they made it regular size it would great.

    - Ranma Saotome

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