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Well said, Chris.
We see in early days of Federation that they are recognizing several private
sector's companies their autonomy and non-governmental interference. It was
their attempt to privatize the space migration and development. Now, Anaheim
Electronics are known for making products ranging from kitchen ware to large
military hardware such as spaceships. Giving them autonomy to do the
business with the Federation was certainly in best interest of Anaheim
Electronics. Also, we see that Federation themselves had used up so many of
their money and resources building up colonies at the early part of U.C.
time. Do you know how much each colony would cost? Literally billions, and
more. Each colony is about what? 60 to 100 km long and even it's diameter is
6 km? So the colony building had already suckup the Federation treasury and
by recognizing private sectors their autonomy is in also Fed's best
interest, since Fed themselves cannot commit on such costly operation. So
Anaheim's non-governmental status would have been given at that time, around
0034 and on. Ok, we don't actually see the company called Anaheim
Electronics until they are mentioned in Zeta Gundam era (which is 0085).
However, judging from that the GP projects in 0083 could not be Anaheim's
first project, since Federation would not possibly give their black project
to first timer, they must have been cooperating with fed on their MS
developments. So it holds that it would have been at 0034 or some time after
like 0050 that Anaheim was either formed and given the autonomy or already
existed and given the autonomy.

Now, we can speculate that the Anaheim's possible headquarter is at Moon.
Although bases like Granada was target of some milityary operations, neutral
city like Von Brown is great site for Anaheim to have their headquarter, let
me get back to that point later.

During the infancy of the Zeon, and throughout the 1 year war, their success
factors was that they had already build up the stockpile of MS's, while Fed
had none and got their spaceships blown to bits by letting Zeon spread
minovsky particles to jam electronics of Fed ships. Anyhow, point being that
the was was between governments and rogue faction (way that Fed saw) and
taking the control of Anaheim Electronics would not have done any good since
mass development of MS's and Productions were not done in that company until
Zeta era. We see that proven in the fact that Zeon tried to use the
conquered military facility on Earth to increase their military might
quickly - in March of 0079 (taken from Official source). BTW means that Feds
were making their GM's and so on on the ground, I don't know if the alloys
were pure and strong as those of zero-g made ones. Who knows? Maybe Anaheim
started their deal with fed by supplying them with metal alloys? And that
previous proof also proves that even if Zeon took over the Anaheim
Electronics, (if we disregard my speculation that Anaheim supplying alloys
to Fed), Anaheim probably would not have much to damage Fed's MS projects. I
close this paragraph with fact that most military vehicles and hardware at
the time of 1 year war was made by the government themselves, not by
privatized companies (This is purely a theory) until Zeta era.

Also in Zeta era, taking over of Anaheim by some Military faction (Kalaba,
AEUG, or Titans) won't do any good, what will they do? Use puppet Anaheim to
sell MS's to enemy? Military factions don't have too much money at their
hand! And AEUG won't takeover the Anaheim since they already got secret
support from that company, why waste fuels and money trying to infiltrate
and takeover? Titans, they already have large portion of Fed budget, they
could try to takeover the Anaheim to better their position, hell that only
will bring more support to otherside by weaker neutral factions joining

And another big thing - None of factions took control of Anaheim. My final
theory being that Anaheim may have placed some high ranking officials on
many sides, being that the company itself is very influencial (why do you
think Fed and AEUG both got deal from them?). Another is Political campaign
funds for Federation officials. Yet there is still a factor that balance of
power would bring them lots of money so cajole and say 'nice-doggie' to
opposing sides and remain neutral. Also, do you actually think they would
let anyone take their assets? If any of Government or military faction have
taken over, stock value of anaheim will drop because of increased
non-costefficient military projects being done without company actually
making profit, and stockholders will sell sell and sell, which will take
more money out of who ever took control of it, to fill in the endless pit
that is bankrupcy.

And of course, I maybe wrong.

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