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Thanks for your reply Taby, here's the but....

I'd support that point if at any point any of the factions were too weak to
pull of the seizure of Aneiheim Electronics holdings.

Through out the run of the story arc every party could have done it,
especially in the case of the Federal Earth Forces, especially the Titan
forces (It would have seemed within their Modus Operendi). As there was a
constant flow of pilots, MSs, and ships, it's shown that physical resources
were available for all parties to do such a seizure.

Tactically it might not have been possible to seize Aneiheim Electronics
without endangering the theatre operations, but as "Z", "0083", and "Char's
Counter Attack" showed us vast actions could be and were taken, in secret.

It wouldn't even require MS's to seize the Anahiem Facilities on the Moon or
those on-colony. To start, just a few disatisfied personnel, a pile of $, and
a single ship of Jion/Titan/Federation/AEUG/Crossbones Vanguard Marines.....
The disatisfied prevent the distruction of records.databases, kill/disable
the few personnel capable of operating a MS, and to open the doors.
Hell, with the Fderation constantly kicking the Jion Etc forces by using the
Gundams, seizing the production facilities seem to be a #1 priority. Stop the
Gundams, you stop the federation. To arm yourself with even a single Gundam,
you give yourself such a massive tactical advantage it justifies your costs
in seizing Anaheim.

As a side note, about Char. I've wondered, even when in Z Gundam, he had 2
Gundam MkII's then Gundam Zeta in the driveway, so to speak, he never used
one in a battle. It couldn't be that he was unfamiluar with the mechanics?
Newtypes are supposed to naturally understand these mechanics.

Ah, then again, Char could simply have an alergy to Gundarium Alloy armour

Chris Perry

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