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>I always found this "middle-man" nature of Aniheim Electronics, servicing,
>researching, and building MS for Jion, the Feds/Axis, and AUEG to be one of
>the most interesting plot points in the whole Gundam story arc.
>What exactly is the power-base of Aniheim that would prevent any of the
>involved parties from seizing the company as a necessary war asset? Any

Anaheim seems to have holding both in on Earth and among the colonies, so
it would be in thier best interest to remain nuetral. In Zeta, ZZ, and CCA
this would've been easier since the wars involved were more between
military factions than actual governments(Titans, Federal Forces, AEUG,
Kalaba, The Lond-Bell Team), and none of them had any real "legal" power to
seize Anaheim assets. Since the factions relied on Anaheim, not the other
way around, Anaheim could cut off anybody who tried to sieze them and still
deal with thier opponents. Anaheim's aloof status is a side-effect to the
unusual nature of the U.C. warfare, where armies were often autonomous of
goverment control.


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