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>> --- Pedro Corzo <> wrote:
>> Anaheim Electronics? when its the first time it
>> appears in Gundam series?
> AE makes its 1st appearance in "Mobile Suit Z
> Gundam", as one of the major backer/mecha
> manufacturer of AEUG, the anti-Fed organization in
> the war against Titans, an elite Federal Force-cum-
> jack-booted-Nazis in UC 0085, and the war intensifes

> in UC 0087 (the settings of Z Gundam).

and I forgot to add, that in terms of our real
time-line, AE appears 1st time on Z Gundam TV series;
if you are referring to the U.C. history, then Gundam
0083 is the time when AE make its name in mecha r&d

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