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<< & once again become a
 major player for both the Feds & Char's Neo-Zeon in
 "Char's Counterattack", a la 0083 style. Char's Sazabi
 & Amuro's Nu-Gundam, for example, are products of AE.
Remember also various and seperate departments in Aniheim Electronics worked
on the GPO1, The GP02, and the Dendondrum (Spelling) as well as various Neo
Jion M's in "0083, Operation Stardust Memory".

I always found this "middle-man" nature of Aniheim Electronics, servicing,
researching, and building MS for Jion, the Feds/Axis, and AUEG to be one of
the most interesting plot points in the whole Gundam story arc.

What exactly is the power-base of Aniheim that would prevent any of the
involved parties from seizing the company as a necessary war asset? Any

Chris Perry

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