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> Anaheim Electronics? when its the first time it
> appears in Gundam series?

AE makes its 1st appearance in "Mobile Suit Z Gundam",
as one of the major backer/mecha manufacturer of AEUG,
the anti-Fed organization in the war against Titans,
an elite Federal Force-cum-jack-booted-Nazis in UC
0085, and the war intensifes in UC 0087 (the settings
of Z Gundam).

> and also are there any other MS built by them aside
> 0083 gundams ? could someone give me a brief history
> of this corp.

You know all about the GP series in 0083. During the
AEUG-Titans War in Z Gundam, AE - using technologies
from Axcis' Zeon holdouts as well as their own -
produced their 1 MS - RMS-099 "Rick Dias" for AEUG.
Later they gathered the data from the stolen Gundam
mkII prototypes from the Titans, and produced a series
of bona-fine MS. Zeta Gundam is one, as well as Char's
Type 100, Methuss, Nemo, etc etc. The AEUG-AE
connection went on in ZZ Gundam, & once again become a
major player for both the Feds & Char's Neo-Zeon in
"Char's Counterattack", a la 0083 style. Char's Sazabi
& Amuro's Nu-Gundam, for example, are products of AE.

Colin Liu.
"You shall withness the tears of an era."
Shuichi Ikeda (Char Aznable's voice actor),
Mobile Suit Z Gundam
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