Hoi Fai Leung (chmikeangel@hotmail.com)
Wed, 30 Jun 1999 09:28:35 EDT

>What's GP01 Fb role as a MS is a support unit for GP02 ? and where does it
>operate, land, space?
>I know that GP01 was designed to support GP02 in a short range combat, but
>after the Fb improvements what is its role?

I don't know whether or not GP01 Fb is a support unit for GP02. But from
what I know, GP01Fb is integated form GP01 for space combat. Therefore, I
am not sure if GP01 Fb is ever designed before GP02 is stolen. Of course,
the toy companys might also want a new Gundam for new model kits and money.
You may realize that GP01 Fb appears only after the trips went into space.
Since a MS, which can be operated in space, works fine on earth or any kind
of planet (like Z Gundam). I do not see why not just make GP01 in the first
place if it is designed beforehead.

Hope this is what you want,

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