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> > How come? In Gundam W there is;
> > Heero-Relena, Duo-Hilde, Trowa-Carol, Quatre-Dorothy, and Wufei-
> > Sally
>Carol? I take it you mean Catherine, his sister? Most of those
>releationships you cited are far from certain. What thing does
>Dorothy has for Quatre beside making Yakitori out of him? And I
>don't see signs that Quatre care for Dorothy anymore than, say, one
>of his forty men.

Huh!? Oh, sorry about that ^^; (Tsk... local dubbing... grr...)

>Add to that list, Wu-Fei-Nataku(his dead wife)

Dead wife!? Can you please tell me more? I'm a big fan of Wufei-kun.

Violetto the Storm Angel

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