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I had planned to post this as a crude webpage, but the trial-period on my
editor just ran out, so here's a text review to tide ya over 'til I can do
the page.

Name:AMX-009 "Dreissen"
Series:ZZ Gundam
Description:Advanced Neo-Jion space-combat Mobile Suit, based on the Rick-Dom.
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I have to say, this is one of the better engineered ZZ kits, but I say so
reluctantly. The shortcomings of the Dreissen kit, while few, really irk
me. The kit is molded very much like the 0080 Rick-Dom-II, which
unfortunately means that the front hip plates are part of the main body
segments. It also means that the main body segments are simply a front and
back section, with a simple v-bar for the legs to attach to. Also, if you
want to build it for the "Killer Hockey Player" pose on the box, you'll
find the blade on the beam-naganata disappointingly small.

However, this kit does have a lot going for it. The gross details are
great, including discrete vernier parts, exposed leg struts, and a posable
helmet. In the "Gundam Models are toys you build yourself" department, the
arm cannons are built fairly well, designed to allow you to manually swing
the armor back and slide the cannon forward, as well as close up the whole
assembly with equal ease. There is also a good selection of seperate
weapons, including two active Bits(although the backpack will mount *three*
inactive Bits), a beam spear, a beam hawk, and the combine
beam-naginata(not to be confused with the Gelgoog's dual-swords). The kit
really does need to be painted, although it's a fairly simple paint design.


Dowadge(ZZ Gundam)
The instructions suggest the Dreissen could be armed with the Dowadge's
"beam-bazooka". The Dowadge kit can be built as a Dowadge-H model, but it
also includes the parts to build a "regular" Dowadge kit with a normal
bazooka, and you can then use the beam-bazooka for the Dreissen. This is a
matter of personal taste, since the Dreissen is already armed with Bits,
Beam-machineguns, and the potentially-impessive Beam Naginata.

The Dreissen kit comes with only one set of hands, but they're those
wonderful ZZ kit opening hands with a seperate trigger finger. However,
unless you arm the Dreissen with the Dowadge Beam-gun, the trigger-finger
hands are superfluous. While you could do this with several kits, I
recommend adapting the RD-II hands to the Dreissen and vice-versa, since
the kits resemble each other so closely.


Hip Skirt
I'm gonna cut this thing to ribbons. I plan to seprrate the skirt segments
from the front&back body sections, and then segment the front hip plates
into three distinct plates. I will then build a simple pelvis to attach the
legs, rear skirt, and articulated front skirt-plates, as well as provide a
waist-swivel where the upper body attaches to the pelvis(this is where a
webpage diagram would be handy).

I plan to pose the kit as it is in the box art, and this means both hands
holding the full Beam-'nata(possibly with a couple of Bits buzzing around
overhead). As mentioned above, I plan to swap-in the simpler RD-II hands,
but I also plan on building a new blade. You see, the Beam-'nata is
supposed to be the Beam-Hawk with the added power of attaching the
Beam-Spear. However, the blade is the same size on both the Hawk and the
'nata. I simply plan to cut a new blade out of two glued sheets of
sheet-styrene(to strengthen it and hid the sheets' corrugated side). I can
then sand-down the edges to give the blade a more uniform look.


Leg Struts
As-is, the leg-strusts are simply a molded feature on the lower legs. A
more ambitous builder than I could cut out those molds to show "real"
struts connecting to the feet.

Compared to the artwork for the model, the arm-guns seem a little anemic.
If you plan on displaying it "gunports open", I suggest building gun
barrels that look a little beefier. Once again, the overall design of the
arm-guns is good, however modification could greatly interfere with the
careful articulation.

That's all for now,

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