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Nightingale wrote:
> --- anna <> wrote:
> >> (Chris Beilby wrote:)
> >> Perhaps so. However, there is never any excuse for
> >> Gay-bashing. I, for one, want to see it stop. NOW!
> >are you gay? *snicker* kidding =)
> Excuse me, but I don't think that is funny.
> In this stage of age, any kind of discrimination, be
> that gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation,
> educational
> background, nationality, politicial points of view,
> preference on Gundam series, and so on, should be
> discouraged. Pointing fingers towards anyone in this
> ML implying he/she is 'so-and-so' is a very rude
> demeanor, and will gain you no friends in this ML or
> anywhere else.
> ===
> Colin Liu.

Thank you Colin.

Anna, Not only am I not gay, I am happily involved in a relationship
(specifically engaged to be married to a very sweet lady, whom I am
completely, madly, and totally in love with), as you could tell if you
spent more time reading older posts, or as anyone on the Mekton Zeta
mailing list can attest. Colin is absolutely right, and this sort of
behavior is, if continued, only going to get you banned from the list.

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