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Once again, Mark swoops down from his lofty perch in Cyberspace to correct
the wayward wordsmith. Herewith his educational e-mail, with my rhetorical

At 10:15 6/29/1999 -0700, Mark Simmons wrote:
>The question was raised,
>> >In the original Gundam series (still my favorite), what was the
>> >significance of Mirai Yashima's family? I have a vague memory about her
>> >father's death ending the hope of a quick resolution to the war, but I'm
>> >not sure of the particulars. In short, how did her father die, and how
>> >did it affect the One Year War? Any takers?
> Dafydd replied,
>> I hadn't heard this one before. The Yashimas were a wealthy faamily and
>> Mirai had a civilian space pilot's license on account of her experience
>> with the family's space yacht, but they weren't as elite as, say, the Noah
>> family, because they had to emigrate from Earth circa UC 0072. They lived
>> in Side 2 (L4), which was laid to waste by the Zeon during their initial
>> NBC attack in the first week of the One Year War.
>> I can't find anything in the Gundam movie trilogy to account for Mirai's
>> presence in Side 7 (L3), except perhaps as a refugee from Side 2.
> Not sure where you're getting the Side 2 thing from. The only thing
>close to an "official" account of Mirai's background is Tomino's original
>series proposal, in which it's said that her father was a high government
>official who quit in protest against the Federation's policies and took
>the family to Side 7. Then he was drafted (!) and killed in action. Most
>of the character backstories from this series proposal were subsequently
>changed or ignored in the actual series, so this yarn about a
>fifty-year-old elite being drafted and killed can probably be safely ignored.

The timeline entry "0072 - Yashima family emigrates to Side 2 (L4)" comes
from one of three possible sources:

1. Gundam Timeline A1 (Don Gallagher, Mark Schumann, et alia; Nov 1991)
2. Gundam World Timeline (Marg Baskin & Jane E. McGuire; 1988)
3. Backformation of a reference in one of the Gundam novelizations

The two timelines in question are buried in some boxes of fanzines that've
been sitting in storage since 1992. If it was a reference in the
novelization -- on the order of "Mirai's family emigrated to Side 2 when
she was only 11" -- then I got it by backforming Mirai's birth year (0079 -
18 = 0061) and then backforming the timeline entry from that (0061 + 11 =

I scanned Volume 1: Awakening pretty thoroughly when I wrote my earlier
post, so if it's in the novelizations it's in one of the other two.

> So what we're left with, then, is a bunch of cryptic references from
>Federation generals about Mirai's late father and how things would have
>been so different if he hadn't died. The only attempt I've seen to flesh
>this out was in the Shin Matsunaga biographical comic they ran last year
>in Hobby Japan's RPG Magazine Great. The comic posited that the Yashima
>and Matsunaga families - both pacifist industrialists - met before the
>start of the war to try and broker a privately-arranged peace between
>Zeon and Federation. The meetings are interrupted by bomb-throwing Zeon
>zealots, and the heads of both families are killed. This does seem more
>consistent with the references made to Mirai's father in the animation...

The only thing that everyone seems agreed upon was that Yashima wasn't a
scientist, like Minovsky or Tem Ray, whose work might've yielded a military
advantage. I had the impression he was a wealthy political type, a more
successful version of Cameron Bloom of Side 6, which cohabits L4 along with
Side 2, to whom Mirai had been arranged to marry and to which the Yashima's
were supposed to have emigrated.

On the other hand, Yashima could've been an industrialist of the same ilk
as Howard Hughes, who, had he survived whatever killed him (and,
presumably, the rest of Mirai's family), might've developed something for
the military that would've countered the Zeon mobile suits or otherwise
prevented the stalemate that began shortly after the Zeon invasion.

>-- Mark


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