Jae Yang (gundamfrx87@email.msn.com)
Tue, 29 Jun 1999 18:13:05 -0400

Well, it would be a long shot, but with hard work and dedication I think we
can do this. (I have some experience with MUSHes and its codes, but I am far
from perfect) If anyone on this ML is good coder and would like to help,
let's get together in this thread!
Intro: The MUSHes compose of these: Rooms, Characters, and Objects. Those
can be coded (special MUSh code, similar to C but much simple and easy) and
manipulated and put the descriptions on. Characters can interact with one
another by talking, posing, or indirectly like chat channel within the MUSH
server. People will connect through what is called the MUS Client, good ones
are SimpleMu, Pueblo, and so on, Administrations, composed of coders and
builders will watch over any player harrasments and complains on codes. THey
will work out from there. The MUSH or MUDs usually are completely free and
when we make one, it will be free too. The space code will be hardcoded,
which means that the code will be embeded on to the server. And ships will
have it's corresponding objects, coordinate systems, MS's will have their
representation objects in space and in ships, and so on. It will be lots of
fun. Also, Role Playing is encouraged, which means that if you made a
character anc his/her personalities, you will act as if you were he/she, at
least on the Online. Well, that's the basic, please send feedback to this
thread! Since I am no expert at coding or hardcoding, I am desperately in
need of help if the Gundam Online is ever to get off the drawing board! If
you would like to start on this, whether you know someone who can code and
you would like to began on this mission, please do, this is just a
introductory thread telling you people about lots of fun we could have on
simulated Gundam world.

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