Jae Yang (gundamfrx87@email.msn.com)
Tue, 29 Jun 1999 16:23:37 -0400

>>> Speak for yourself. The Dom's good, but GMs rock!
>>*grins evilly* I love 'em, they just look so utilitarian and adaptable.
>>If I could, I'd buy three or four more GMs and make a squadron. =)
> True, i have three GMs and an Ez8 and a RX-78G(or whatever one calls it).
>just right for a five-squad..I might put the Beam spray pods of the
>guncannon on one, and a few other things on the others. custom paint job
>as well.
> On the other hand, I have two Gelgoog J's, Three Doms (with Special
>weapons mods), two goufs, two flight goufs, one zaku (08ms), two zaku FZ's,
>a kampfer and a soon-to-come Geara Doga. also a dreissen and a pair of
>Gaz's and a galbaldy and a Gaz special. I detest the hizack, both as a kit
>and as an MS. Have an unbuilt Zaku III, and am redoing an old Dowadge and
>two zakus which am bashing (Jridden and desert versions).
> To be fair, also have the zeta (2), zetaplus (2), Ex-s, zz, fazz, rx178,
>gp01fb, gp02a, gp03, rx78, nt1 and Guncannon. and V-dash, V2 and V2buster.
> I still love the Zeon Kits more...they have more pizzazz and style.
Damn the MS's (kidding ^_^ )! I LOVE SALAMIS! When I play my old SD GX on my
Super Famicom, I always make bunch or dozen of them,... Hehe

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