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>On Jun 29, 8:26am, Daniel A. Fisher wasted bandwidth discussing:
>> Subject: Re: [gundam] Geezz... Gundam Wing Fans Everywhere & Yaoi too =)
>> I saw the other day when I was flipping the channels, that he also was
one of
>> the chief people who worked on TRON....
>> > Its designed by Syd Mead who did the designs for Blade Runner. I read
>> > somewhere that Tomino, Gundam's Creator, wanted to break the "mold"
>> > Turn
>> > A. I have no idea why the Turn A looks so different, I would like to
>> > the
>> > answer, too.
>> >
>> > Aaron
>Isn't it ironic, though, that everyone has a hard-on to beat Syd Mead's
>brains in for the designs and tries to claim that he can't draw his way
>out of a paper bag (nobody on *this* list can outdraw him) and other such
>negative remarks when TOMINO, the guy in charge, approved the designs?
>It wasn't Mead's show, maybe he wasn't the only guy submitting drawings.
>Talk about fanboy blindness, everyone who hates the designs should be
>planning Tomino's death, not Mead's. That shit kills me.

I think you have point there, we should try to be more humble. However, we
can (I believe) have healthy discussion on his motive though. Still, it
looks very slick & fast, gotta hand it to Sid. *Claps*

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