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>At 02:26 AM 6/29/99 -0400, you wrote:
>> Gundam Wing single-handedly began whole trend of 'boy-ish looking
>> doing things that make many people bewildered, including me. Such
>> (if it could be called that) are: Weis Kruz (White Cross, I believe),
>> Raideen, and so on. ANd that Gundam Wing MS has some sort of particle
>> capacitor that makes shooting of unrealistically powerful beam.... I
>> know and it hurts to watch.
>Uhh... no. Gundam Wing was only capitalizing (very well, I might add) on
>trend of 5-man (or boy) teams which have been prevalent for far longer than
>GWing has been around. While sentai teams and shows like Gatchaman started
>actual trend of 5-people teams (usually had gals, somewhere) I believe it
>anime like Saint Seiya, Yoroiden Samurai Troopers and Shuratou that really
>made shonen series popular with girls mainly because of the guys, but also
>of the action.

Yeah, I see. Yet it restarted sort of boom of those stuff again

>Let's not forget that Gundam isn't a holy, pure concept by any
>means. It's a show designed to make money, be it by selling models and toys
>plushies and pencilboards.

That too, Sunrise, (totally my speculation) needed following series after
certain TV features like 'Daitan 3'
 or 'Ideon' at that time in the begining. Who knows...

>GWing just happened to catch the wave and ride
>it to
>make ridiculous amounts of money, even now.

I know, my sister has about 300-500 dollars worth of GW stuff....

>And, of course, if you're really going to bring in "realism" to Gundam...
>Gundam's beam cannon is apparently consistent with the "physics" of that
>particluar A.C. timeline. How realistic are newtype powers, and the lovely
>ending to Char's Counterattack, looking at it from GWing's universe? Let's
>debate (at least, seriously) the mechanics of non-existant machines and


While whether the GW and original Gundam timeline's physics or technologies
are feasable or not, there are some of which may be possible (With the
exception of few major things - like Newtypes, Psycom, so on) - Charged
particle weapons (which is being researched even now), cylinderical colonies
(possible under the monetary circumstances), et cetera. Well... few can
debate that the Gundam Wing did not get refueled or reloaded for quite
duration of time yet it keeps on going and going and going with those
enormous beams and all, still I agree with you in that respect that it is
based on different world. And since the Victory Gundam, I believe that the
Sunrise may have simply ran out of the timeline to fit their succesor to V
gundam (yeah, there is 08th and previous 0080/0083).

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