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>> Speak for yourself. The Dom's good, but GMs rock!
>*grins evilly* I love 'em, they just look so utilitarian and adaptable.
>If I could, I'd buy three or four more GMs and make a squadron. =)

        True, i have three GMs and an Ez8 and a RX-78G(or whatever one calls it).
just right for a five-squad..I might put the Beam spray pods of the
guncannon on one, and a few other things on the others. custom paint job
as well.
        On the other hand, I have two Gelgoog J's, Three Doms (with Special
weapons mods), two goufs, two flight goufs, one zaku (08ms), two zaku FZ's,
a kampfer and a soon-to-come Geara Doga. also a dreissen and a pair of
Gaz's and a galbaldy and a Gaz special. I detest the hizack, both as a kit
and as an MS. Have an unbuilt Zaku III, and am redoing an old Dowadge and
two zakus which am bashing (Jridden and desert versions).
        To be fair, also have the zeta (2), zetaplus (2), Ex-s, zz, fazz, rx178,
gp01fb, gp02a, gp03, rx78, nt1 and Guncannon. and V-dash, V2 and V2buster.

        I still love the Zeon Kits more...they have more pizzazz and style.

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