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> Isn't it ironic, though, that everyone has a hard-on to beat Syd Mead's
> brains in for the designs and tries to claim that he can't draw his way
> out of a paper bag (nobody on *this* list can outdraw him) and other such
> negative remarks when TOMINO, the guy in charge, approved the designs?
> It wasn't Mead's show, maybe he wasn't the only guy submitting drawings.
> Talk about fanboy blindness, everyone who hates the designs should be
> planning Tomino's death, not Mead's. That shit kills me.

I like the Turn A a lot. I just didn't like it at first. I didn't say
anything negative about the Turn A, I just wanted to know why the Turn A
looks so different, compared to other Gundams. I admit I was harsh towards
the Turn A at first, and voiced how I didn't like it when we saw the first
picture of Turn A. But after days of looking at the Turn A and seeing the
pictures of the Turn A model kit, I must say, I really like the Turn A a lot
now. Which Turn A mecha are drawn by Mead, other then the Turn A? I never
bashed Mead's work, I haven't seen enough of his work to judge his skills,
not that I want to judge him. Since Tomino accepted the Turn A, its here to
stay. I like the Turn A very much and its a freshing change to the other
Gundam designs. I like most of the Gundams, but they seemed to be getting too
gaudy, until the Turn A appeared.


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