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On 29 Jun 99, at 13:43, Veilchen & Violetto wrote:

> Also, if they have the right to be lesbians,
> >then wouldn't the g-boys have the right as well? also, the argument for
> >usagi and heero would be kinda the same, and that never stopped some
> >villains in the manga from going after Sailormoon anyway, even if they were
> >women.
> How come? In Gundam W there is;
> Heero-Relena, Duo-Hilde, Trowa-Carol, Quatre-Dorothy, and Wufei-
> Sally

Carol? I take it you mean Catherine, his sister? Most of those
releationships you cited are far from certain. What thing does
Dorothy has for Quatre beside making Yakitori out of him? And I
don't see signs that Quatre care for Dorothy anymore than, say, one
of his forty men.

Add to that list, Wu-Fei-Nataku(his dead wife)

And even if they are in releationship with a female, so what?
Garma Zabi had a very certain, confirmed releationship with a
woman. Gundam Fans had also connected him with Char from the
beginning. Gundam Yaoi fans have tradition if nothing else to
support them.
> Whereas in Sailormoon;
> Usagi-Mamoru, Ami-Raioh (but you don't see this guy around anymore),
> Rei-(um, what's that guy's name?), Makoto-"none", Minako-"none",

Minako-Allen(Or whatever his name, the guy he knew in London)

> Setsuna-"none", Hotaru-Chibiusa?, Haruka-Michiru... and then, there
> are the Sailorstars...

By the same standard you used to establish releationship in GW,
why not include Chibi-Usa and the Crayon Shin-Chan boy.(eps 103
or 104). And that farie in SS movie.

Jim Huang

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