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On Jun 29, 8:26am, Daniel A. Fisher wasted bandwidth discussing:
> Subject: Re: [gundam] Geezz... Gundam Wing Fans Everywhere & Yaoi too =)
> I saw the other day when I was flipping the channels, that he also was one of
> the chief people who worked on TRON....
> > Its designed by Syd Mead who did the designs for Blade Runner. I read
> > somewhere that Tomino, Gundam's Creator, wanted to break the "mold" with
> > Turn
> > A. I have no idea why the Turn A looks so different, I would like to know
> > the
> > answer, too.
> >
> > Aaron

Isn't it ironic, though, that everyone has a hard-on to beat Syd Mead's
brains in for the designs and tries to claim that he can't draw his way
out of a paper bag (nobody on *this* list can outdraw him) and other such
negative remarks when TOMINO, the guy in charge, approved the designs?
It wasn't Mead's show, maybe he wasn't the only guy submitting drawings.
Talk about fanboy blindness, everyone who hates the designs should be
planning Tomino's death, not Mead's. That shit kills me.


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