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Tue, 29 Jun 1999 08:52:16 -0700

Joaquin & Linette Torres wrote:
> And all of this crap relates to Gundam, how? Come on, people...let's try to keep
> it related to the topic. All you're doing is flooding people's e-mail accounts and
> pissing them off with this off-topic drivel. I'm sure there are specific mailing
> lists for these topics...take it there.
> My two yen,
> Joaquin Torres

Unfortunately, Joaquin, this is a fact of existance in fandom of all
sorts, not just Gundam, or Anime in general. I got used to the
existance of Fan fiction of this sort years ago as part of Star Trek
fandom (Anyone ever heard of K/S fan fiction?) It's not going away any
time soon. I agree that it should be taken off list, but there's no
need to answer with this sort of language. It just fans the flames...
You're better off simply setting filters to ignore the thread.

Now, can we please all just shut up on this subject and let the thread

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